While building Laura a Shopify store, I found the “cutting room floor” artwork for The Unforeseen DVD. Just posted it to her new Blog.


Originally, our distributor sent us their ideas for DVD covers (bottom smaller images.)  We didn’t love them. I had a series of posters envisioned that rhymingly juxtaposed Nature & Development. (Construction Crane vs Butterfly emerging from Cocoon [SHOWN]Spider Web vs Aerial of Subdivision Roads, etc.)

I sent the proposed concept (Big image) for the cover.  But distributor firmly wanted a House on the cover. I understood the reasoning, the Subprime Crisis had just started.  But I never really loved the Cancer Map vs the Swimming Kid image that became the official cover.

Laura and I both felt strongly about the cover artwork.  We were told that the DVD Distributor (New Yorker) believed changing too much from festival materials could “seriously damage the release." 

We relented. DVD shipped their way.   And New Yorker Films went under anyways.