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One on one interview with legendary film title designer Kyle Cooper. (SE7EN, Mission Impossible, Metal Gear Solid 2, Spider Man, etc.)  Highlights:

  • Around 19:20, Cooper tantalizingly drops that he has a few possible feature films in development. 
  • Around 22:20, Cooper talks about Olly Moss. “He’s just a genius… He’s gonna run the world I think.”
  • Around 30:18, Cooper talks about how he likes collaborating with different directors and hearing their philosophy:  “I like listening to Terrence Malick… and all that I did on the TREE OF LIFE was just set type over black for him, but I really liked watching the 4 and ½ hour version of TREE OF LIFE before anybody else got to see it and having him tell me what he was thinking and being able to ask about what he thinks as a director and it has nothing to do with the creative… with what my contribution was.  Just being able to talk to him.”
  • Around 31:31, talks about working on Quiz Show for Robert Redford (while at R Greenberg.)  They were going to be fired apparently off the project, but Cooper worked almost 4 days straight to solve a particular problem… He presented their hail mary solution to Redford at Sundance and “he almost hugged me because he was so happy that we figured it out.”
  • Around 35:30, talks about difficulties of having a “second tier” of employees.  “I try to HIRE the people I admire. The people that I trust it’s great to see what they do… The challenge is that there’s sort of a a second tier of people… and getting them to do something that I think is good… because I’ve gone out and made a promise to somebody, so I can’t go out and say to a director, ‘Don’t worry, I get it, we’ll figure this out’ and then have to rely upon people that I… can’t get them to do what I think is the solution – not even what I want – but what is the solution… getting them to listen. "