"Let me Take You Down"

I don’t have anything against motivation if you’re talking about genuine inspiration, the values-driven desire to achieve a goal or well-designed incentives. But what a lot of motivational gurus do is whip their targets into a frenzy of self-adulation, point them in the direction of their jobs, and say “Go.” Sometimes they are instructed to work harder, sometimes to be nicer. But the process is the same: Inflate them with emotional gas, and tell them they are now equipped to succeed.
— Dr. E.L. Kersten to the Harvard Business Review

Kill Troll with Sword

Well we’re working here at Infocom

And they’re shutting the DEC 20’s down

Out in Menlo Park they write a report

Fill out a form, see you in court.

Well our founders didn’t see it at all.

Had an office down at Faneuil Hall.

Thought they’d get rich selling Cornerstone,

Ed Reuteman, Tommy Smaldone.

And we’re living here at Infocom,

But our recent games were all a bomb.

And it’s getting very hard to pay.

And we’re waiting here at Infocom,

For the public offering we never found.

For the promises Al Vezza made,

If we worked hard, if we behaved.

So the Golden Floppies hang on the wall,

But they never really helped us at all.

No they never taught us what was neat,

Graphics and sound, sizzling heat.

And we’re waiting here at Infocom,

For the latest Apple download from Tom,

And they’re all supposed to ship today.

Every tester had a pretty good shot,

To become an Imp and earn a lot,

But that was all before those Mountain View crooks,

Started writing off good will on our books.

Well I’m living here at Infocom,

Even the rotisserie standings are glum,

So I won’t be logging in today,

And it’s getting very hard to pay,

And we’re living here at Infocom.

The Temple Mount and the end of Zionism

Thoughtful article from Haaretz that lenses Zionism from a completely unexpected perspective. 

According to Scholem, the renewed encounter with Hebrew and its innate sanctities was a “threat [that] confronts us [as] a necessary consequence of the Zionist undertaking … Will its submerged religious power not erupt one day?… The revivers of the [Hebrew] language did not believe in the Day of Judgment, to which they destined us by their acts. May the recklessness which has set us on this apocalyptic path not bring about our perdition.“

The Temple Mount and the end of Zionism